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دستگاه UT-TOFD آلتراسونیک
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Flaw Detector ۱۰۰

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Advanced Ultrasonic Proceq Flaw Detector ۱۰۰

The Proceq Flaw Detector ۱۰۰ is a flexible high tech ultrasonic inspection instrument. The basic UT model can be upgraded with the Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) and Phased Array (PA) modes anytime and anywhere on-site

The instrument offers technicians an extremely comprehensive measurement solution and features all popular flaw sizing techniques such as DGS/AVG, DAC, TCG and AWS. Thanks to the A, B, C, True Top and End scans imaging capabilities, users can perform many applications

Protected by a rugged IP ۶۶ cover, the inner life of the instrument brings the user many benefits: For example the ۳D scan plans which help to create inspection procedures and to analyze the results. Settings can be saved and re-used, the wizards and option specific help allow fast configuration

Another great function of the device is to bring down the bandwidth to ۲۰۰ kHz for testing attenuative materials. Furthermore, the ۴۵۰ volts delivered to the probe allow the user to actually "see" more on the screen. Sensitive amplifiers can make TOFD inspections possible without preamp and all models have ۲ axis encoding

Our customers benefit from Proceq’s established high service quality: Fast reaction, excellent service and local support covering many languages

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